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Playground rules


Why we created ChallengeMe

ChallengeMe wants to provide a fun way for people to interact. It encourages action and taking people out of their comfort zone. ChallegeMe is beyond posting a best picture / video on something, but is about YOU, something where you believe you stand out of others, something you can do better, faster, cooler than others. Something, what makes the difference in your actions and what others wouldn’t believe you can do it.

When you create a challenge please have in mind

Be original

Try to create original content based on your own talents. Try to be creative and engage people into your own passion. Are you good at something? Show it in a fun way!

Use your own photos or videos

Use your own photos or videos in creating a challenge or posting an entry. Being original means that you can really challenge someone based on your own talents.

What we do not like

No nudity or adult content. If you have pics or videos in this category please don’t post it on ChallengeMe, there are other, much more appropriate channels.

No hateful, racial, xenophobic content. There is no problem in having satiric or general social commentaries if they do not incite to violence or hate.

No violence, suicidal or self - injury content. No content that will allow someone directly or indirectly to engage in violent behavior, self-injury or suicidal behavior.

No child endangerment. We do not allow any challenges that in any way, directly or indirectly can harm, or put in dangerous positions children. By dangerous we understand physical or psychological danger.

No impersonation, scams, spams. No banners, descriptions, videos, photos, titles, or thumbnails meant to increase participation in a certain challenge. No unwanted and repetitive content.

Everything connected to money. Please leave it out of ChallengeMe

How does it work

Create Challenges

Invite friends and strangers to prove their bravery and skills. Share, share, share. With your friends, your colleagues, your family – show them that you are someone special

Take part in Challenges

Measure your own bravery and skills against the others.Create your status – become one of the most awarded champions, collect dare-points. Keep you daring points by accepting direct challenges – trust in you, that you can manage every challenge

Prove your accomplishment

Show us! Upload your photo or video and proof what you did. To others – and yourself

Earn Daring points

Gain the recognition and respect of the community by earning daring points.

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